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K-12 Education


At River Region Academy, we take pride in achieving the highest academic outcome for each of our students. With our philosophical model in place, education comes easily and naturally. We believe that academic excellence is gained by presenting students with engaging learning experiences. For more information about our program, please select the links below.

K-5ᵗʰ Elementary School

River Region Academy enables the curious minds of young students to grow, expand, and be molded by our academically qualified teachers, their lessons, and their experiences. The teachers create space for discussion and give expert instruction in all subject matter. We believe that each child is unique and strive to build the gifts and talents of each student. Let us journey with you to create influential leaders in our society.

6ᵗʰ – 8ᵗʰ Middle School

Middle school can be confusing with new discoveries and academic challenges. At River Region Academy, we strive to connect and relate to each of our students during this time of their lives, while encouraging them to strive for success. River Region Academy will support you and your child every step of the way.

9ᵗʰ – 12ᵗʰ High School

High school students are continuing to develop their critical and creative thinking capabilities and asking profound questions. River Region Academy encourages this development by engaging students and allowing them to reach beyond themselves in this vital phase of their journey. As our students look forward to life beyond high school, River Region Academy will enable them to expand their thinking and make great choices for their future.

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